Ko Whatitiri te Maunga pumau te ao i te po
Ko Waipao te Awa rerenga hau o te waiata
Maungarongo ki te Whenua
Waimarie Marae
Ko Te Uriroroi, Te Parawhau, Te Mahurehure Te tangata Ngapuhi e
Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.



Our philosophy is simple.  We are a dedicated and committed team who provides native plant knowledge for our younger generation. We work towards those ends by stating our values and acting as agents to change our families, friends and associates & wider community by way of educating our children and letting them educate their parents. The aim is to steer our society into a more sustainable direction for the benefit of our future. We are dedicated to providing the best native plants of the highest quality while delivering superior services and expertise to all customers.



Growing seeds


Sowing seeds of success    Our story begins in 2005 when four brothers came together to make a radical career change leaving behind them four generations of Rural farming. The brothers have a passion for native plants and a strong will to repair the declining ecology of our local waterways which have been neglected over past decades.  What begun as a lifestyle venture has now transformed into a horticultral story. The establishments of our nursery succeeds much more than natives.